Rosalind Riley

Created by Larry McCarthy

Singing. Dancing. Murder.

And the groaner title alone might have been worth the price of admission.

ROSALIND "ROS" RILEY is the private eye star of the show in playwright Larry McCarthy's Marry Me You Dick, a twisted little spoof of film noir, gender roles and other jetsam and flotsam produced by Hollywood's Outlaw Style Thrance Company, which had created a niche for itself with a mélange of dance and theatre ("thrance") under the leadership of founder Jessica Schroeder.

Riley's bored out of her gourd, barely scraping by on a series of dreary cases, when handsome Daniel Albaneige pops into her drab little office with a proposition: marry him so he can cash in his father's vast inheritance. Of course, the course of true love (or even a marriage of convenience) never runs true, and soon enough Ros, her whacko sidekick Zach and Daniel find themselves messed up in a murder investigation, tangling with inept cops, gangsters, a femme fatale and more than a few folks batting from non-traditional sides of the plate.

The score included selections from Aretha, Ray Charles and Elmer Bernstein, and fans of the genre might get a kick out of this "twisted tale of corruption, blackmail and murder."


    (2004, Los Angeles)
    Original run: June 5-27, 2004
    Original venue: The McCadden Place Theatre, Hollywood,
    Presented by The Outlaw Style Thrance Company
    Written by Larry McCarthy
    Direction by Cyd Fred and Lucius Bryant III
    Starring Jessica Schroeder as ROSALIND RILEY
    Also starring Joseph Beck, Will Jude, Bart Shattuck, Suzie Heaton, Kelly Ehlert


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Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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