Gil Rodrigues
Created by Virgil Jose

U.S. Army intelligence analyst GIL RODRIGUES did tours of duty in Korea and Vietnam before returning Stateside and eventually becoming a private investigator in California's San Gabriel Valley. He mostly takes on cases for insurance companies, doing fraud investigations, which isn't always the most exciting or demanding work but hey, it pays the bills. And Gil's a pretty quiet guy, anyway. An affable widower, he lives with a cat.

But things get decidedly more complicated when Gil decides to investigate the death of a family friend, David Chang, during an apparent carjacking. Gil's past as a “spook” soon helps lead him to a smuggling operation that may be selling strategic goods to China. That's the scenario in The Examined Life, a 2005 e-book available from fatcatpress, which marks Gil's debut.

The author, Virgil Jose, is in fact a licensed California private investigator and a former U.S. Army intelligence analyst himself, who's currently a staff writer for South Coast Media Services, a California public relations firm and a freelance reporer for a Los Angeles newspaper chain. The Examined Life is his first work of fiction.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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