John Rodrigue
Created by Ken Grissom

JOHN RODRIGUE is the scrappy one-eyed Creole salvager and diver, created by Ken Grissom. He doesn't exactly meet the usual private eye criteria for inclusion on this site, but Constant Reader Karen wonders if he couldn't be considered a tough guy?

She's got a point. Rodrigue, who works out of Galveston, Texas, has a pronounced weakness for the ladies and rum, and he certainly doesn't seem above making trouble his business, whether it's being paid to to sink a boat so the owners could get insurance money, or tangling with an all-woman crew of terrorists. He might not be a P.I. per se, but he certainly seems to fall into the adventurer-for-hire category.

If anybody here knows of any reason why this man should not be included on these pages, let he (or she) speak now, or forever hold their peace.



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