Al Roach
Created by Obie Scott Wade, Michael Maler and Jordan Beswick

Jim Rockford goes buggy!

In this six-minute animated spoof/homage to film noir and old RKO detective B-flicks from the forties, James Garner provides the voice for AL ROACH, PRIVATE INSECTIGATOR.

Roach is the fedora-sporting roach gumshoe with a seedy office in Doowylloh (read it backwards), an entire town of insects in the dirt behind the Hollywood sign. And, like the real Tinsel Town, Doowlloh is a "colony dripping with gilt, seduction, and betrayal."

But down these streets a roach must go, and Al IS that roach. The trouble starts when a beautiful bug fatale named Dede with more curves than "Motholland Drive" struts into his seedy office, promising to do "anything" in exchange for his help in finding her missing scientist father, Dede's father, Professor Bugdonovich.

Originally produced as a pilot (for a potential series of shorts?) for Turner Classic Movies, the six-minute cartoon claims to be "one of the first - if not the first - black and white CGI animated film." So far, it's been well-received atThe Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, LA International Short Film Festival, Atlanta's DragonCon Film Festival and the Silver Lake Film Festival.

I have JUST got to catch this. It's scheduled to premiere on the Turner Movie Channel on Saturday, December 17th. "The only sucky part," our pal Obie says, "is that it’s at 7:43 am Eastern Time, which is 4:43 am Pacific Time.  But if enough people watch it and email TCM, they may let us make some more. I hope you can Tivo it, or maybe you’re a night owl. Either way, I hope you get to see it."




Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Gerald So for the lead, and most of the legwork.

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