Matthew Riordan
Created by Fredrick D. Huebner

Seattle lawyer MATT RIORDAN appears in a series of five novels by Fredrick D. Huebner. Riordan runs a solo law practice and takes on the types of cases that usually require him to moonlight as an effective, albeit somewhat reluctant, tough-guy troubleshooter. Although he is not strictly a criminal attorney, Riordan's cases all involve murder and other crimes. This brings him into regular contact with the Seattle Police Department and, in particular, a homicide lieutenant named Vince Ahlberg. Even though they are often acting at cross-purposes, Riordan and Ahlberg respect and trust each other; Ahlberg even occasionally refers clients to Riordan.

Riordan earns his tough-guy reputation by frequently carrying a gun and using physical violence. However, he is also sensitive and has emotional depth, even if he probably would not admit it:

"The sensitive New Man is out. Women are back into tough guys again," I said.
"Are you a tough guy, Riordan?"
"Of course."
"How are you going to prove it?"
"Won't. If you have to prove it, you're not tough. Tough guys are existential, too."
(The Joshua Sequence, 1986)

Huebner, a Seattle attorney himself, produces authentic, well-written, hard-boiled thrillers. His use of local color and historical details beautifully and accurately describe Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region.


Respectfully submitted by Randal Brandt (October 2000).

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