Big Dick Rickenbacher
Created by Michael Bracken

Big Dick ain't no pussy!

Gee, who'd believe a character nicknamed "BIG DICK" RICKENBACHER would ever get involved in cases that involve some of the seedier aspects of sexuality, or that there'd be some sexual connotations here? I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked!

Yet, amazingly, it's true, all true. As one wag on (David Meerman Scott) cautions of Big Dick's 2001 debut, "This is not a book to lend to your mother (at least not my mother). All White Girls is full of sexual depravity. But oh is it fun! (It) is a one-sitting, in-your-face, rapid-fire, hardboiled mystery: and it's damn good."

Yep, former cop and unlicensed private eye Big Dick's turf is the three-block long strip of strip joints, dives and adult bookstores where pedophiles, pimps and pornographers feed on the constant waves of fresh, wide-eyed runaways who wash in to the bus station every day. On the trail of one particular runaway, he keeps bumping into his own past, in the guise of both a former lover, Jesse, and his former partner, Chicago Homicide Lieutenant Salvador Castellano.

Michael Bracken was born in Canton, Ohio, has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., and currently resides in Waco, Texas. He's written hundreds of short stories in multiple genres, including mystery, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and children's fiction. His mystery, suspense, and private eye short stories have appeared in, or been accepted for publication by Blue Murder, Bust Out!, Gent, Gentleman's Companion, Espionage, Hardboiled, Juggs, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine,, Ellery Queen and other publications. Several of these mystery short stories have been collected in Bad Girls: One Dozen Dangerous Dames Who Lie, Cheat, Steal, and Kill and Tequila Sunrise, both released by Wildside Press in 2000. He's also the creator of private eyes Nathaniel Rose, who works the seedy streets of St. Louis, and "Moe Ron" Boyette, who hangs his shingle in Waco, Texas.




Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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