Rick Shannon
Created by Bill Fitzhugh

Goofmeister Bill Fitzhugh's Radio Activity (2004) introduces an out-of-work DJ called RICK SHANNON, whose new job offer at a small FM classic rock station in Mississippi turns out to be a bit of a bust --the station's under new management, the program director's disappeared and the spacious digs he's been promised turn out to be a rundown trailer.

When Rick discovers a pretty raunchy audiotape full of heavy breathing that might explain the fate of the missing program director, he decides to look into the matter, adopting a whole new persona: Buddy Miles, P.I. The problems start to mount when the missing program director turns up about as dead as disco, and it soon becomes clear that Rick/Miles may have a rock'n'roll heart (the real Buddy Miles was once Jimi Hendrix's drummer) but he's severely lacking in the clue department.

It's an enjoyable romp, full of Fitzhugh's usual needle-sharp satire and decidedly broad (but affectionate) characterizations, as well as a pretty fun celebration of -- what else? -- rock'n'roll.

Even better, though, is that Rick returns in 2005's Highway 61 Resurfaced, now working at a radio station in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and running a detective agency called Rockin' 'Vestigations.

Party on, Garth.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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