Cam Richter
Created by P.T. Deutermann

When we first meet CAM RICHTER in the 2005 novel The Cat Dancers, he's a lieutenant for the Manceford County, North Carolina, Sheriff's Office, heading into the back country of the Smoky Mountains to track down a gang of murderous self-styled vigilantes with the aid of Park ranger Mary Ellen Goode. By his second appearance, Spider Mountain (2006), he's running Hide and Seek Investigations, an agency filled with fellow former cops staffed with other ex-cops.

But following Moonspool (2008), Cam decides, in 2009's Nightwalkers, that he's had it with police work, public or private.. All he wants is some peace and quiet, so he purchases a seven hundred acre ante-bellum plantation out in the North Carolina boonies, visions of a long, restful retirement for him and his beloved German Shepherds, Frick and Frack, dancing in his head. Unfortunately, , it turns out a possibly deranged stalker has other plans...

Whether trouble will follow Cam into retirement or not remains to be seen, but this writer for one certainly hopes so. The one constant in this series has been Deutermann's muscular and vivid wrting, marked by well-drawn, memorable characters (Grinny Creigh, the evil matriarch of an incestuous backwoods gang of meth dealers in Spider Mountain really has to be read to be believed), his spot-on rendering that brings the remote Appalachian region to life, smart, sharp dialogue and fresh, bold plotting..

P.T. Deutermann spent twenty-six years in government service before retiring to begin his writing career. He is the author of eight previous suspense novels. He lives with his wife on their family farm in Georgia.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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