Jeff Reynolds
Created by Burl Barer

We'll let JEFF REYNOLDS explain it all:

"I'm Jeff Reynolds, a private investigator who also writes books. That's not my real name, and I've been other things in my life - radio DJ, professional psychic, show-biz promoter, and producer of irritating television commercials. I invented the name "Jeff Reynolds" because folks are always asking, "What name do you write under?" and "Have I ever read anything you've written?" Either way, the fake name lets them off the hook. It sounds vaguely familiar, and it's easy for them to say, "Oh, yes. I'm sure I've heard of you."

Being a crime-cracking private eye author is really an easy gig. You can do it too, in your spare time. I'll share the basic trick right off the bat: tell everyone you're an author. When people find out that you write books, they want to talk.

Everybody's got a story, and you can always use a plot, a motive, culprit, or victim. Victims and plots are plentiful because victims never stop calling. That's why I became a P.I. - make a few bucks; find a few plots."

Anyway, that's Jeff's story, and he's sticking to it. Jeff first appeared in an excerpt published right here on The Thrilling Detective Web Site, and the full novel popped up in 2000. According to Burl Barer, caught confessing all on DorothyL, "A publisher, having seen the sample at Thrilling Detective, enquired as to its availability. "That darn book will get published yet," nagged Barer effusively, "I didn't write it just to use up left over typing paper, although that was a consideration."

The self-professed Brilliant Author, is an Edgar Award winner and two-time Anthony Award nominee. In addition to the new Jeff Reynolds series of mind-altering PI mysteries, Barer writes true-crime, popular culture, and the continuing adventures of Leslie Charteris' The Saint. He is also a mystery babe, notoriously handsome, undeniably charming, and the most sympathetic (yet dynamic) character you've ever met. A former high-rated Seattle radio personality, Barer is currently an unemployed derilict with a rapidly expanding waistline and thinning hair. He is fun at parties, and while in the Orient learned the power to cloud mens' minds. As for women's minds, he sort of fogs them up.

Oh, and he also writes his own bios.





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