Tony Resick
Created by
Raymond Chandler

As far as I know, TONY RESICK only appeared in one story, Raymond Chandler's classic, "I'll Be Waiting", but it was a memorable appearance.

Tony is markedly different from Chandler's other detectives, who are either Philip Marlowe or Philip Marlowe-clones (Mallory, Carmady, John Dalmas, etc.).

Tony is "a short, pale, paunchy, middle-aged man with long delicate fingers" who wears an elk's tooth on his watch chain, and works as a hotel dick at the Windermere Hotel. He has an ear for classical music, believing, "Mozart was the greatest man that ever lived--and Toscanini is his prophet."

Although mild-mannered, Tony is a brave little guy, putting it on the line for an ex-con who's staying at the Windermere, while "the trouble boys" are waiting outside to finish him off.

"I'll Be Waiting" has been included in a few recent anthologies, and Tom Hanks directed and appeared in an excellent adaptation of the story for the TV series, Fallen Angels, which starred Bruno Kirby, Dan Hedaya, and Marg Helgenberger.

Both the story, and the adaptation are well worth checking out.



Respectfully submitted by Frank Patterson.

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