Roger Repo
Created by Harri V. Hietikko

The books with ROGER REPO as their hero are closer to Duane Swiercyznski's surreal P.I. novel Secret Dead Men than your ordinary hardboiled P.I. novels. Roger Repo was created by Harri V. Hietikko, the Finnish theater director who has been writing the three-part (so far) series in his sparetime. They have been published by a small press, so they haven't had much of a media coverage -- with the exception of the last one in which Repo has to meet the folks from Hell.

The first book in the series, The Missing Hamlet, was a relatively ordinary crime novel about a search for a disappeared actor. The second one, Springtime Pierced (2001), showed a more original approach: Roger Repo is hired to find a lost girl, who has sold her soul to Devil.

But it's the third one which really pulls out all the stops. Roger Repo and the Folks of Hell (the full translation of the title reads "Roger Repo and the Folks of Hell: Tales of Private Eye Roger Repo's Extraordinary Pursuits") links Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now and the Finnish epic Kalevala when Roger Repo searches for a lost girl - again! His clients this time are not very middle-class: they are servants of Louhi, the hostess of the Northland.



Respectfully submitted by our man in Finland, Juri Nummelin.

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