Julian Renard and Roger Bannister
Created by
Lee Thorne (pseudo. of Thornton T. Shively, 1913-1980)

This series of pulp stories featuried the odd-ball detective duo of crippled JULIAN RENARD ("mostly brains") and his Watson, ROGER BANNISTER ("mostly brawn"). They were written by Lee Thorne and appeared in Doc Savage over a brief, two-year run in the 1940s.

It seems pretty obvious that Renard/Bannister were intended to be pulp versions of Nero and Archie. "The main differences, Bill Pronzini says, "are that the byplay between Lee’s characters isn’t nearly as witty, and Renard, despite being crippled and confined to a wheelchair, gets out and about often with Bannister’s help and does much of his detecting on scene."

Thorne Lee was the pen name of Thornton T. Shively, a novelist and pulp writer whose work appeared magazines like Black Mask, Dime Detective, Doc Savage, New Detective and Detective Tales. He also managed to crank out a few of pretty good mystery novels, including The Fox and the Hound, Summer Shock and The Monster of Lazy Hook, a much altered and expanded version of the Renard and Bannister short story of the same title.



Adapted from a December 2007 entry in The Mystery*File by Steve Lewis, et al. Used with permission.

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