Raymond Campanella
Created by Francis Veber

Pure Luck is a strained and rather lame remake of La chèvre, a popular (and superior) French screwball comedy that starred Gerard Depardieu as a tough, dedicated Parisian P.I. forced to team up with a bumbling, accident-prone accountant to track down a tycoon's equally clumsy daughter who's disappeared somewhere down in Mexico.

In this version, Depardieu's dedicated private eye (called Campana in the original) becomes RAYMOND CAMPANELLA, played by Danny Glover, and Pierre Richard's role is played by Martin Short. To their credit, Glover and Short are pros, and they give it their best shot, and Glover in particular shines, giving a measured slow burn throughout most of the film. But the script lets them down. Yeah, there are a few great bits in here, but there are also gaping holes in the plots and huge set-ups that never quite amount to anything. The sequence where the hapless Short is stung by a bee (of course, he's allergic) and then puffs up like the Michelin Man (a nod to the film's French roots?) is a high point, although if it is a little high on the squirm factor, but even scenes like that are few and far between, unfortunately.

I dunno. Some folks really liked this one, but I thought it worked way too hard to put across too way too little.




Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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