Ethan Proctor

Ethan Proctor
Created by Charles L. Grant (1942--; pseudonyms include Lionel Fenn, Deborah Lewis & Geoffrey L. Marsh)

If you enjoy such surreal eyes as Harry AngelHarry D'Amour and "Repairman Jack", you might also be interested in checking out Charles L. Grant's Black Oak series, which centers around Black Oak Security, "a crack team of private investigators led by brilliant, enigmatic ETHAN PROCTOR." Black Oak handles many of the typical P.I. gigs: office fraud, business scams, background checks, missing persons, and a variety of white collar crime. But they also frequently trip the dark fantastic, thanks to Proctor's abiding interest in, as one Amazon pundit puts it, "creatures and forces greater than natural."

Which shouldn't come as much of a surprise -- Grant is best known as a horror writer, although he's written in virtually every genre under a number of pseudonyms, including the obscure but entertaining Lincoln Blackthorne adventure series (think Doc Savage and Indiana Jones) under the name Geoffrey Marsh and several X-Files tie-in novels .  In an interview, he once claimed he went through a period of eleven years during which he churned out a new book every two months.




Preliminary report respectfully submitted by Eric Bass, with additional background info from Kevin Burton Smith.

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