Vic Powers
Created by Gary Lovisi

Paint it black, black as night.

Tired of the earnest, enlightened post-modern private eye who's not only good, but good for you? Then settle back for a dark, fiery blast from the not-so-distant past, with Gary Lovisi's relentlessly-retro, relentlessly bleak gumshoe, VIC POWERS, a sloppy but affectionate throwback to such hard-boiled pulp auteurs as Carroll John Daly and Don Pendleton. If names like that turn your crank, then Vic may just be your man. It's all over the top, sloppy and energetic good fun, at times veering dangerously close to parody, and other times leaving that line so far behind nobody cares anymore.

Then again, danger is Vic's business. He's a tough guy Brooklyn P.I., living almost completely on a diet of rage, revenge, cynicism and violence. His is a world of crooked cops, neo-Nazis, deceptive women, brutal thugs and psychotic childhood friends. One of the few people he trusts is his wife Gayle, a former mob hit person, and even she once accepted a contract on Vic. Man, that's gotta put a little strain on the marriage....

Vic has appeared in several short stories, and recently made his book-length (well, a small book) debut in Blood in Brooklyn. no doubt more are on their way. Gary Lovisi's mission in life seems pretty clear: he seems to want to drag the glory days of the pulps, warts and all, kicking and screaming into the present. As such, he's been a writer of other pulp-tinged books (1997's Hellbent on Homicide) and non-fiction (1986's Science Fiction Detective Tales), a magazine founder and editor (Detective Story Magazine, Hardboiled and Hardboiled Detective Magazine) and a publisher (Gryphon Publications).




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