Vector Pope
Created by Howard Chaykin, David Tischman and Rick Burchett

Finally! A P.I. comic guaranteed to make a bishop kick a hole through a stained glass window. In Pulp Fantastic, an intriguing and decidedly-adult comic book mini-series by DC/Vertigo, VECTOR POPE is a sharp-dressing private eye of the near future plying his trade on an artificial planet settled by religious fanatics. Seems the zealots left earth at the end of 1999, to avoid the end of the world, with the idea of creating their own religious paradise. Too bad it doesn't seem to be working out.

Meanwhile, Vector's having a few problems of his own. While working what he thought would be a simple missing persons case, he runs afoul of the law and the ruling theocracy, and finds he has to contend with a drug-addicted android, corrupt cops, a prison murder, and a horny nun.

It may sound rather spacey, but Howard Chaykin and David Tischman, along with artist Rick Burchett (think Black Kiss meets The Batman Adventures) have given the tale a stylish film noir wash, a high-tech retro look, and some imaginative quirks (anti-gravity sex, anyone?) that brings it all back home.

It's a fun, even sexy read, that nonetheless manages to raise some interesting questions, but like it says right on the cover, it's "Suggested for Mature Readers." So, like, if you're easily offended, stay the fuck away.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. (January 2000)

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