Phineas Poe
Created by Will Christopher Baer

PHINEAS POE is a disgraced former cop who spent six years in Internal Affairs with the Denver Police Department. When we first meet him, in Kiss Me, Judas (1998), he's just had a nervous breakdown and spent half a year in a nuthouse. On his first night of freedom, he picks up the wrong hooker and she 'slips him a mickey'. He wakes up (stop me if you've heard this one) in a bathtub full of ice one kidney short of a pair. Poe then visits his buddy the underground pseudo-doctor who informs him that the hole where his kidney used to be is filled with a bag of heroin that will kill him if it ruptures. He then sets out to try and collect the complete set of organs he started life with and it's a twisted wild ride.

With a title like that, the rest of the biblical allusions should come as no surprise. The lesbian Eve, the hooker Jude, even the bowling alley named Inferno seem right at home.

The second book in the planned Poe trilogy, Penny Dreadful, plunges even deeper into the darkened corners of the human condition. During the course of an investigation into the disappearance of several police officers, and one in particular, he becomes embroiled in the nastiest live-action role-playing game ever imagined.

The Phineas Poe books are dark and disturbing and streaked with a unique style, more a dream remembered than a first person narrative, and completely lack quotation marks when recounting dialogue. Baer is a former homeless counselor and cab driver and this series marks his writing debut.



Respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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