P.J. Detweiler
Created by Philip H. Reisman Jr.

Gun in one hand.. Woman in the other.
-- the tagline from the film

Here's a true rara avis of the P.I. genre: PJ, an obscure film starring George Peppard as a private eye and Raymond Burr as the client who hires him to recover some stolen jewelery or somehting like that.

Turns out the film does exist. Peppard played P.J. DETWEILER, a struggling P.I., and Burr was William Orbison, a millionaire worried that his mistress is in danger from his wife and her family. To protect her, he moves her -- and for some reason Orbison and his family -- to the Bahamas. But it's all an elaborate frame job, with P.J. set up as the patsy -- and his falling for the misstress doesn't help matters.

Or at least that's what I've been able to piece together. Like almost everyone else, I haven't seen it. But hey, it's got Susan Saint James in it, in one of her first theatrical roles, so how bad could it be?

In private eye circles, Peppard is of course best known for playing Banacek, the smug Polish-American insurance investigator in the 1970s TV movies.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, with a special thanks to Donna Moore, Todd Gault and George Moss for the nudges.

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