Phil Byrnes
Created by Sable Jak

"When a woman's husband is killed, you're susposed to do something about it."

This detective radio series, with its noirish overtones, uses the best of new technology to bring back the best of old-time radio -- it's broadcast on the web! PHIL (short for Philomena) BYRNES and her husband ran their Seattle detective agency until he was killed at his desk. It's not a case of her stepping into his spot to keep the family business running (as is the case with some series) -- she was a working detective long before his death -- and she makes for a refreshingly prickly widow.

Now Phil runs the agency with the help of her assistant Buzzy, with occasional forays to Papa's Bar, for a little liquid refreshment now and then, and some occasional paternal advice from Papa. She's also helped out in her investigation by Detective Jim Colman, a member of Seattle's finest, who has a soft spot for Phil, though she seems largely unaware of it. Evidently she's still trying to come to terms with her husband's murder.

Several of Phil's adventures can be heard on the web site. You can also read a bit about the development of the character, and how the first episode was written almost 15 years ago, and how a pass by a local radio producer landed the story in the back of a file cabinet. But, as creator Sable Jak, puts it, "Phil kept talking to me. Every now and then over the past few years a snip of dialogue would pass through my mind, or a scene would pop up. I'd make a few notes and drop them in the file at the back of the cabinet. I knew someday I'd find something to work with."

"As to why a female detective," Sable cheerfully confesses "I usually write male protagonists, but this time it was female. Maybe it's because I'm female." Sable is a member of The Screenplayers, a group of screenwriters who utilitze the web to market their scripts. Sable points out that several of the scripts are the mystery vein.


    3 20-minute episodes (so far)
    Created by Sable Jaks
    Written by Sable Jaks
    Directors: Larry Albert
    A Jack Hamer Production
    Starring Cheryl Massey-Peters as PHIL BYRNES
    Also starring
    William Hamer as Buzzy
    Vic Unger as Detective Jim Colman
    and John Pricer as Papa
    Executive Producer:
    David Renegar
  • "Debutante in Danger" (May, 2000)
  • "Queen's Ransom" (May, 2000)
  • "Stinger's Lament" (June, 2000)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Sable Jak for letting us know.

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