XXX: Dirty Eyes

Peter Magnum
Created by Bob Chinn

Yet another of Bob Chinn's infamous X-rated dicks. Los Angeles private detective PETER MAGNUM spends his days catching bad guys, and his nights catching some very naughty girls. Of course, no woman can resist Peter, or his, uh, charms.

Just like the promos say, "Peter Magnum picks up where Johnny Wadd left off." Which isn't that much of a shock -- notorious porn producer Bob Chinn (think the Burt Reynolds character in Boogie Nights) supposedly based Magnum on some unproduced Johnny Wadd scripts he had laying around. And Magnum pops up in another of Chinn's other flicks, featuring his Mexican private eye Nick Grande.P.I. flicks

Chinn was out of the business for thirteen or so years, when another porn producer optioned an unfilmed Wadd script, which was became Magnum Love. According to an article in Adult Video News, Chinn confessed, "I wasn't thrilled with the way it came out, so I decided that if I was going to continue the Magnum series, I'd do it myself. So I did Jade Goddess and Naked Angels (a Charlie's Angels spoof, which kicks off a "Daughters of the Dragon" trilogy) in four days, and here we are... It's a lot easier (shhoting on video). Film was very expensive. A lot of times, I wanted to do more takes, and the budget just wasn't there, so we lived with what we had. Now, I can get it down to the letter."


Report, despite the usual snickering, more-or-less respectfully submitted by Rodd Upright.

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