Peter Kane
Created by Hugh B. Cave, AKA Justin Case
(1910- )

He's rude. He's crude. And he's about as politically correct as a night in a strip joint. He's also a lot of fun. He's PETER KANE, a hard-boiled, hard-drinking police officer bounced from the Boston police department for his drinking and his decided lack of people skills and forced to make his living as a private eye. The gin-soaked Kane appeared regularly in the pages of Dime Detective between 1934 and 1942, and were quite popular.

And they're still quite a treat to read these days, too. Okay, so Kane's a pig, and he drives while pissed to the gills, and he spends most of his time in a dive called Limpy's, consorting with other lowlifes. Big deal. The stories may not be politically correct, or win any Pulitzers, but they are a hoot. Check 'em out.

Hugh B. Cave is, of course, one of the few old pulpsters we still have around. Now 90 years old, Cave made his name during and after World War II as a writer of both nonfiction and crime pulps and still later as a horror novelist. His prodigious body of work, which began way back in the early thirties, includes publication in such legendary pulps as Dime Detective, Detective Fiction Weekly, Weird Tales, Spicy Mystery, Super Detective,, Dime Mystery, Spicy-Adventure, Horror Stories, Star Detective, Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror, New Mystery Adventures, Black Book Detective, Thrilling Mysteries and, of course, Black Mask. In fact, both Long Live the Dead, a collection of Cave's tales for Black Mask , and Bottled in Blonde: The Peter Kane Stories, have been released recently.



Preliminary report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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