Pete Hunter
Created by A(rthur).A. Marcus

Hard-nosed NYC private dick PETE HUNTER just can't seem to help getting involved in cases of corruption in high places. In his first case, The Widow Gay (1948), he's hired to retrieve some very embarassing letters from underworld chief Sam Gay, who would like nothing better than to end the political career of the District Attorney. Only it's the mobster who gets bumped off, and suddenly Pete has a very grateful widow on his hands who thinks he did it. Meanwhile, in Walk the Bloody Boulevard (1951) he gets to clean up a graft-ridden town and bust open a highway paving scam.

Pete's a former accountant who got his taste for detective work and blowing the lids off when he was hired by a special prosecutor to get the goods on a racketeer before the war (WWII, that is). When he returned Stateside, he hung up his own P.I. shingle. From all accounts, these books are hard, cynical and often surprisingly poignant, and Hunter is one cool tough operator.

By the way, in 1948 -- the same year the first novel appeared -- there was an early TV pilot entitled Peter Hunter, Private Eye, starring Frank Albertson. So far I've been unable to confirm whether it's based on Marcus' character.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Additional info from David Nobriga.

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