Pete Bayliss
Created by Blair Traynor

Ex-private eye and soon-to-be-former Air Force major PETE BAYLISS is back in LA, after a stretch in Korea and a stay in a military hospital, about to get a medical discharge for ulcers and ready to put it all behind him.

Sop he's strolling past a Beverly Hills mansion when a lovely young lass in a Jaguar picks him up and treats him to a night on the town. They start out at Ciro's on the Sunset Strip and end up at a sleazy joint, the Little Club, where the she ditches him for an oily bandleader. It was nice while it lasted, so Pete just calls it a night.

The next day, Pete gets a call from a lawyer friend with a job for him. An old tycoon has received an anonymous letter threatening his young wife, and wants to hire a live-in bodyguard for a week or two The money is so tempting that Pete overcomes his reservations about playing babysitter and the fact that two of this gal's previous admirers have died under suspicious circumstances.

Pete goes out to meet his new employers and -- you guessed it -- the tycoon's young wife turns out to be the mystery babe from last night. But that's just the beginning of Widow's Pique (1956), which is described on the dustjacket flap as "a cockeyed, throat-catching adventure that races through a score of ingenious complications (and) introduces you to a couple of corpes, a dope fiend, a lame canary..."

Sounds like good stuff.

Blair Treynor had two previous crime novels; She Ate Her Cake (1946) and Silver Doll (1954). There was also a Broadway lyricist from the 1920s by the same name, but I don't know if it's the same person. There was also a writer who occasionally contributed short stories to magazines such as Liberty in the 30s called Betty Blair Treynor, but your guess is as good as mine...


Respectfully submitted by David Nobriga, with little useful input from Kevin Burton Smith.

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