Eddie Perlmutter
Created by Steven M. Forman

What is it about Southern Florida that draws out the crazies?

Boston cop EDDIE PERIMUTTER isn't quite sure what he's gotten himself into, after cashing in his chips and retiring to the Sunshine State. The mild-mannered country-club denizens who are his new neighbours and their endless talk about early-bird specials, heart attacks and their brain-numbing obsession with golf are a far cry from the mean streets of Boston where Eddie once ruled the roost. The misplaced ex-cop may be sixty, and his knees may be shot to hell (arthritis, you know), but Eddie isn't quite ready to go into that good night yet.

Fortunately, he soon discovers scuffles, and arrests of his former life.Eddie’s career as a much-honored Boston cop has come to an end. At sixty, he’s still energetic and virile, but decades of harsh New England winters and collaring the pug-uglies of Boston’s underworld have taken their toll—especially on his knees. So what does a lonely, retired cop with arthritic knees do? Head to sunny Florida, of course.

the darker side of Boca Raton, and a list of bizarros and other miscreants who might've crawled right out of a Carl Hiaasen novel.

The author grew up in the Boston area, and divides his time between Massachusetts and -- surprise, surprise -- Boca Raton, Florida.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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