Jon Pay
Created by C.A. Aabø

He's short and squat and heavily-armed! He's JON PAY, PRIVATE EYE, and you better watch your lip!

With his pimp mustache and plenty of attitude (all bad), this trouble-prone pipsqueak stalks the mean streets of Cobb City, a stinking burg "run by gangsters, racketeers, and other sordid criminals.  In this town of broken dreams and back alley deals, (he's the only one who) has the stones to kick crime in the pants and take names."

It's all good-natured fun, of course, a gentle spoof not just of private eyes but of gangster films and the like. Like the blurb says, "If you're a fan of hard-boiled detectives, larger-than-life gangsters and everything in between, check out the premiere issue of Jon Pay by C.A. Aabo. Jon Pay is 16 pages, comic-format, black and white, $1.50 cover price, currently available to retailers through Cold Cut Distribution."

If you like the old EC Mad Magazine parodies, you'll enjoy this one.

Creator C.A. Aabø grew up in Stavanger, Norway, and attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art, where he originally created Jon Pay for a class project.



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