Frank Pavlicek

Created by Andy Straka

How did I fall into this gig anyway?  All I ever wanted to do was write the world's greatest PI novels and have some gigantic publisher discover me and pay me gazillions of dollars like Robert Parker to live happily ever after.  

Was I a putz or what?

Anyway, A Witness Above, my first novel featuring Charlottesville, Virginia-based P.I. and falconer FRANK PAVLICEK, is soon to be released by Signet as an original mass market paperback (pub date May 8, 2001).

Falcons and privates eyes.  Some kind of original idea, huh?  'Cept these birds are real....and they bite.


Actually, Andy's selling himself short here, in this brief bit of blarney he first wrote back in 2001. Frank's an intriguing character, and his debut, A Witness Above, was certainly worth checking out, garnering nominations for Anthony, Agatha, and Shamus awards (and the third in the series actually won a Shamus).

Frank's a former cop, but he left the NYPD under, as the blurb says, "less than ideal" circumstances, and has relocated to Charlotteville, Virginia, with his teenage daughter, Nicole, the product of a failed marriage, that he's trying to raise on his own. Not always the easiest thing to do.

And then there's Armistead, his falcon. How many private eyes have a bird of prey as a pet? I've always been sort of intrigued by falconry, ever since I was a kid and saw My Side of the Mountain, so I've followed Andy off and on through the years, and I've yet to be disappointed.


  • Pavlicek is a breath of fresh air in the field of private eye fiction."

--Jeffery Deaver

  • "Good writing, an interesting plot, and the unusual aspect of falconry... Straka should be proud."

-- Robert J. Randisi



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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