Ken Parker
Created by Roy Johansen

Atlanta-based KEN PARKER runs a polygraph service, an "answer man" in the parlance of the lie detector trade, administering tests to suspects, but it's not exactly the job of his dreams, in the offbeat but compelling The Answer Man. Ken's scheme to collect a much-needed $50,000 to help someone beat a test flops when the bribee turns up dead, and Ken's the prime suspect. And his luck doesn't get any better when a man whose life was ruined by a faulty polygraph reading attacks him, and also ends up dead. Poor Ken. And if his professional life isn't bad enough, his personal life is no bowl of cherries either. He's pretty much broke, his brother's bed-ridden with some kind of Gulf War disease; and he's lucky if he gets to see his girlfriend every couple of weeks. About the only one he can count on is his buddy the Harley-riding Hound Dog, a 21-year-old woman whose hobby seems to be photographing grisly crime scenes.

Roy Johansen is an Edgar Award-winning screenwriter. The Answer Man is his first novel, and it's one nail-biting, twisty, turny ride, full of original characters and all sorts of good stuff, like betrayal, paranoia, industrial espionage, embezzlement, and murder. Recommended.



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