Samantha Panther

Created by Angus Kohm

The play's the thing when rough-and-tough private eye SAMANTHA PANTHER (a "flatfoot in heels") takes the New York stage in Tough Girls Don't Sing. One press release described Samantha's as a "super-cool, super-tough, super-crime-fighting detective on a raw, brawling, two-fisted hunt to nab the woman and get the man. Clawing her way through a web of gorgeous men, blazing guns, blackmail, and deadly music, Panther discovers that sometimes, in a world of corruption, it's sing or be killed."

Deadly music? Does that mean Barry Manilow?

The one-woman play made its debut at the 1998 Montreal Fringe Festival, with Stefanie Wiens as the dame who don't sing (well, except for two songs). There's also a psychotic psychiatrist, a dead friend, a twisted sister, a ruthless lesbian mobster, a hard-nosed cop named Patty, and an ex-boyfriend called Johnny Salami, although none of them actually show up.

The play was written by Angus Kohm, a playwright from Manitoba, Canada and was intended as a tribute to Mickey Spillane on his 80th birthday. It was first performed in Montreal at its 1998 Fringe Festival and went on the Fringe circuit, playing in Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Kelowna, Victoria, Vancouver, and finally Duncan, British Columbia, drawing generally favorable rave reviews.

The 2001 New York debut (off Broadway) was more of a family affair, what with Brett Sullivan Santry directing and Stephanie Santry (taking over from Stefanie Wiens).

Other works by Kohm include Sorority Girls Slumber Party Massacre and Bad Girls Jailhouse. Yup, looks like Angus is something of a full-tilt pulp dramatist ("the Roger Corman of Manitoba!").


  • "Kohm may have created a whole new genre of pulp fiction when Panther calls gorgeous suspect Fred an 'homme fatal.' "

-- Peter Rusland, The Pictorial, Duncan, BC

  • "A laugh a minute..."

-- The Montreal Gazette

  • "Sam Spade would've loved this dame..."

-- The Winnipeg Free Press


    (1998, Montreal)
    Original production: 1998
    Venue: The Montreal Fringe Festival
    Written by Angus Kohm
    Starring Stepfanie Wiens as SAMANTHA PANTHER

    (2001, New York City)
    Run: March 3-11, 2001
    Venue: The Raw Space, West 42nd Street, NYC
    Directed by Brett Sullivan Santry
    Starring Stephanie Santry as SAMANTHA PANTHER
    Also starring David Belisle, Stephanie Flores, Mark von Oesen


Angus Kohm's web page, with more on all his works, including, of course, Tough Girls Don't Sing.

Plays, Operas, Musicals and Other Theatrical Diversions featuring Private Eyes.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Stephanie Santry for the heads up. Merde!

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