Nicholas Palihnic
Created by Brian Wiprud

Hey! Shifty, shady NICHOLAS PALIHNIC may be a scoundrel, but his brother does strange things with dead animals.

So there.

Nicholas is the brother (and occasionalk thorn in the side) of Garth Carson, Brian Wiprud's popular taxidermist series character (Pipsqueak, Tailed, etc.). When he's not admiring himself in the mirror, Nicholas tracks down stolen art for New York-based insurance companies, occasionally also acting as a sort of go-between them and art thieves.

In Crooked (2006), his Shamus- and Barry-nominated first solo adventure, he's hired by his old pal Nicasia Grieg, head of the Trident Mutual Insurance''s investigative unit, to track down "The Trampoline Nude, 1972", a valuable oil oil painting that's gone missing.

Poor Nicasia has other things on her mind -- namely the recent death of her boyfriend, Barney, supposedly eaten by crocodiles in Costa Rica (all that'sleft is a foot). But Nicholas soon discovers a very much-alive Barney, hiding out in Hoboken (although that may be death of another kind), just one of many other assorted characters, each more twisted than the next, that he stumbles across in the course of this romp which deftly balances Wiprud's gonzo humour with a sly update of TV's Banacek.

"Born and matriculated" in the Washington DC area, mystery writer Brian Wiprud went on to NYU Film School before finding work in, um, utility infrastructure. His big passion, though, seems to be fly fishing, a skill taught to him by his mother, and he has been slowly fishing his way around the world (and written about it for American Angler, Fly Fisherman, Fly Tyer, Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide, Fly Fishing Journal, Fly Fish America, Massachusetts Wildlife, A River Never Sleeps, Outdoor Canada and Sweden's Rackelhanen Fly Fishing Magazine. His current homebase is Brooklyn.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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