Noah Lang & Carly Paladino
Created by Ronald Tierney (1944 --)

In Death in Pacific Heights (2009), we're introduced to San Francisco private eye CARLY PALADINO chucks her gig at a large security agency to strike out on her own and sets up office space with fellow gumshoe NOAH LANG, a rough-and-tumble smalltimer who's a far cry from her previous employers.

since then, there's been a sequel, Death in North Beach (2010), and even a novella that serves as a sort of standalone prequel, Mascara (2011).

Given the writing muscle of the author, Ronald Tierney, who's also given us the long-running and acclaimed series about septuagenarian shamus Deets Shanahan, it looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.




  • Life, Death and Fog
    A great blog, particularly when Tierney suggests weekly crime film double features, and the drinks to match.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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