Stop the Presses!

Bob O'Hara
Created by Gilbert Thomas

"From O'Hara - Hong Kong to Interconpress, San Francisco. Check Southeast Asia files for quote Mister Marco unquote and advise. If I'm right you'll have two thousand words for tomorrow's front page. If I'm wrong you're going to need a new boy in Hong Kong. Signed - - O'Hara."

BOB O'HARA, a foreign correspondent based in Hong Kong, was the main character/narrator in a short-lived crime drama series, O'HARA, that ran on CBS radio in 1956.

The first short run (seven episodes) starred Jack Moyles starred as O'Hara, while the second, even shorter run (five episodes) starred Stacy Harris.

While O'Hara was ostensibly a reporter, he usually became involved in investigating and solving some crime. O'Hara
was essentially a detective in reporter's clothing.

The audition show for O'Hara, written by Gilbert Thomas, was unusual in that it was recorded nearly FIVE YEARS before the series aired on CBS.



Report respectfully submitted by Stewart Wright.

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