Odyssey Gallagher
Created by James N. Frey

Call me Odyssey.

Look out, it's ODYSSEY GALLAGHER the “dickless dick,” a female private eye with an “Od” name. She is based in San Francisco, where she works for Frampton Investigations (owned and operated by Hampton Frampton). She is 35-years old, has auburn hair, wears glasses, lives in Cow Hollow (part of the Marina District), has a brown belt in aikido, drives a souped-up, yellow Chevy Camaro -- and definitely knows how to handle herself behind the wheel-and has really poor taste in men. She also graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz (home of the Banana Slugs, which is also the nickname of her car), with a Ph.D. in English Literature. Her dissertation was on the impact of Mary Wollstonecraft on women writers who followed her: George Eliot, Edith Sitwell, Edith Wharton, Virginia Woolf, Stevie Smith, Doris Lessing-“all very boring stuff”. She gave up the staid life of academia in order to prowl the mean streets as a detective. Unfortunately, her background gives her a somewhat annoying habit of quoting literary authors -- she's the private eye equivalent of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations:

“A good detective never trusts coincidence. Emerson said, shallow men believe in luck … strong men believe in cause and effect. He would have made a great detective.”

Yeah, that's it. Ralph Waldo Emerson, PI.

The intrepid Ms. Gallagher makes her one and only odyssey in Came a Dead Cat, written by James N. Frey. Frey previously created Joe Zanca, the boxer-turned-PI who debuted in the Edgar-nominated paperback original The Long Way to Die (1987).



Respectfully submitted by Randal Brandt.

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