Jake Nolan
Created by Robert Weverka (pseudonym Robert McMahon)

"The hottest love goddess since Monroe, she was hooked on sex, religion... and trouble!"
--from the blurb

JAKE NOLAN (and is there possibly a more private eye-sounding moniker?) is one gumshoe who doesn't mind the heat. In fact, he moved to Palm Springs because he loves it. At one point, he admits that if he could make a living in Death Valley he would have moved there.

But things get a little hotter than even Jake likes them when he's hired to track down some missing film footage of a porno actress in the 1985 PBO A Lily for Lila. It's Jake's only known appearance, and by all accounts a solid if unspectacular addition to the genre.

Author Robert Weverka is probably best known for his countless television and film novelizations, including The Sting, Murder By Decree, and a three book series featuring TV's The Waltons. In the private eye field, he also wrote a couple of novelizations of episodes of Search, about high-tech snoops, and one featuring Griff, the Lorne Greene P.I. character.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Jim Collins for the lead, and the scan.

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