Nick Naught
Created by John E. Stith

Ever had one of those futures?

NICK NAUGHT is the private eye hero of one of John E. Stith's sci-fi mysteries, although this one ups the yups a notch.

Nick plies his trade in the not-so-distant comically dysfunctional future, but his frustrations will seem very familiar to most of us.Despite all the technology, things JUST DON'T WORK.

Voice-activated machines talk back, digital watches lie, computers screw up, robots are psychotic, and technology in general acts up in big ways. As the artist who illustrated one of the Naught stories for Analog put it, "Imagine a world where artificial intelligence computers are everywhere, but they've all been programmed by complete idiots."

Nick has so far appeared in a short story and a novella, both published in Analog. They were collected and published digitally in 2001, and a trade paperback was published by Wildside Press in 2005.

Author John E. Stith is the author of several "Off-World Mysteries," including Scapescope, Memory Blank, Death Tolls and Deep Quarry, which features private eye "Bug Eye" Takent..





Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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