Vic Nardozza
Created by Spike Feresten & Gregg Kavet & Michael Richards & Andy Robin

How bad could it be?

Evidently comedian Michael "Kramer" Richards wasn't quite rich enough, despite the endless royalties coming in from Seinfeld for the next millenium or so. So the humbly self-proclaimed master of physical comedy came back with a new sitcom in the fall of 2000, this time as VIC NARDOZZA, a former security guard out who goes to work for a private detective agency, after failing miserably with his own agency.

The hook in this one was that, despite his background in security, a six-week P.I. course and a whole ton of enthusiasm and attitude, Vic is still essentially a klutz.

What a premise!!!

Evidently, what the world needs now is another parody of private eyes. A bumbling detective! We'd never seen that one before! And what a truly unique setting for a P.I. show: Los Angeles!

But still, you wonder...

After all, there was a pretty solid cast on hand to help out, including Tim Meadows, William Devane and Bill Cobbs, and Richards did have a rep for being none too shabby at physical comedy. Devane played Vic's cranky, curmudgeonly boss and Meadows and Cobbs played Vic's two more experienced fellow ops. I figured, hey, maybe Vic will get by with a little help from his friends, after all...

And maybe wild monkeys will fly out of my butt...

The conclusion? There will be no airbourne simian spottings; the show was cancelled in December 2000, after only eight episodes.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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