Jack Murphy
Created by David J. Sherman

Here's a new eye who's reworking some familiar turf, but manages to put a new spin on things, anyway.

When we meet him in his well-received debut, The Dark Side (2002) JACK MURPHY is an ex-cop turned private eye (aren't they all?), out to carve out a new life for himself in Los Angeles (a lot of that going around, evidently...). He's suitably tough, and suitably sour -- heck, he doesn't even feel like putting Christmas lights up. But he has his own personal reasons for being Grinchy -- it seems the dream of a fresh start has faded considerably after a few years of nothing cases and deadbeat dads. And his ulcer's been acting up. And his secretary's been acting weird.

Then a wandering daughter job he was reluctant to take in the first place takes a weird bounce, and Jack's forced to face up to his own troubled past. If it doesn't kill him first.

Author Sherman was born in Racine, Wisconsin, and currently lives in Southern California. He's been writing for over twenty years and has published numerous poems and short stories. The Dark Side is his first mystery novel. but he assures us he's already hard at work on its sequel, tentatively titled Clouded Judgment.




Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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