Louise Morvan
Created by Dominique Sylvain

LOUISE MORVAN is a Parisian private eye, a young, independent woman who inherited her agency, Morvan Investigations, from her uncle. Although she's based in Paris and has a rather chaotic relationship with the Steve McQueenish Commissaire Clementi, she seems to get around. Her cases - most of the time involving cultural affairs - take here all over the world, including Tokyo, Berlin, Spain and the U.S.A.

She seems to get around in another way, too -- Louise isn't just another "nice girl" detective. In an "interview" with her creator, posted on the web, in fact, Louise is told she's "insolent, hyperactive, stubborn, totally politically incorrect, and (has) a big mouth." She also drinks too much, and cheats on her boyfriend. And her cases are pretty interesting, too. In Strad, for example, she's hired to recover Stradivarius worth 24 million francs for its corporate owners. In Techo Bobo, she's called in to investigate the mysterious deaths of two young girls at a massive rave. And of course her first recorded case, Baka! (1995), has her investigating the murder of Julian Eden, her detective uncle, following a trail that leads her into the subterranean world of modern Tokyo, and crossing paths with a German hitman.

Dominique Sylvain was born in Lorraine, and lived for three years in Japan, and is generally considered one of the hot young guns of the French polar scene. Nominated for all kinds of awards, she was recently awarded the prestigious Sang d'encre. She's just started a new series, featuring a commander in the Parisian Criminal Brigade.



Info provided and character suggested for this site by Laurent Lehmann.

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