Stop the Presses!

Britt Montero
Created by Edna Buchanan

"Nobody loves a police reporter. The job can be lonely and arduous. I have been threatened with arrest, threatened physically, had rocks thrown at me. I've gotten threatening letters, subpoenas, and obscene phone calls, some of them from my editors. It is tiring, haunting, and truly wonderful."

No, she's not a private eye, but tough-as-nails Cuban/American Miami newshawk BRITT MONTERO doesn't give a damn what you call her, or who gets in her way, when she's on the case.

And my guess is that her creator, Pulitzer-winning journalist Edna Buchanan, doesn't really care where you try to peg her, either.

A thinly disguised version of her creator, you might say Britt can get a little obsessed...

Buchanan received her Pulitzer for her crime reportage in The Miami Herald and has been nominated a couple of times for Edgars for her crime fiction. She has also written numerous true crime and autobiographical works, including The Corpse Had a Familiar Face, Never Let Them See You Cry and Nobody Lives Forever, as well a few standalone novels. Retired from journalism, she now writes mysteries and lives in -- where else? -- Miami.




Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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