Noah Milano

Created by Jochem Van der Steen

NOAH MILANO is a Los Angeles security specialist who's not afraid to get a little action in. And who has more than a few "family" problems. Because, in his case, his family is "the family."

You see, he's the estranged son of a mobster and this, as his creator, neo-pulpster Jochem Vand der Steen puts it, "creates a big deal of tension and more than a few problems." Fiercely independent, and determined to sever all ties with his past, Noah has to adjust from being a spoiled mobster's son to being an independent operator with little money. Fortunately he's learned a great deal about security from his years as his dad's personal bodyguard. Perhaps in penance, he now uses these skills to earn an honest (well, relatively) living.

Milano's first appearance was right here on this site, and his first full-length adventure, White Knight Syndrome, came out in 2003. The first collection of stories, Tough As Leather, featuring introductions by several well-known PI writers, such as Les Roberts, Robert J. Randisi, Dave White, Wayne D. Dundee, Mark Coggins, Ace Atkins and Sean Chercover, came out in 2009.

Jochem Vandersteen has been an aspiring writer since high school, having written everything from movie reviews to comics, from detective stories to horror. Currently he's a marketing manager for a web site company. He aalso writes about vigilante-for hire Mike Dalmas and true crime writer Vance Custer.


  • "Noah Milano character rings completely true as a tough, lone-wolf private eye.’

-- Jeremiah Healy

  • "Jochem's deep and abiding love for classic pulp fiction comes through on every page, and his stories continue the time-honored tradition of the hardboiled American P.I."

-- Sean Chercover 





Jochem shines the spotlight on private eyes. Where do these crazy kids get their ideas?

A web site featuring some of Jochem's old horror stuff,including some featuring tabloid reporter Harvey Banks. "They're really supernatural hard-boiled detective stories when you think about it," says the author.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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