Mike Kent

Created by Eugene Conrad

Hard-boiled newsman MIKE KENT, investigating the murder of a famous scientist by poison and the disappearance of his mysterious invention, inadvertently discovers a plot to steal a fortune in jewels in the so-so 1948 B-flick, The Cobra Strikes.

Not that it's all bad. Sure, you never heard of most of the actors, and they're not very good, and the plot's a little sketchy in parts, but there are a couple of well-staged murders (particularly the one in a steam room), and the sci-fi elements (ie: the mysterious invention and the "science" behind it) aren't as dopey as they could have been.


    (1948, Eagle-Lion Films)
    61 minutes, black & white
    Tagline: Who is the Cobra? What was his weapon? Where would he strike next?
    Screenplay by Eugene Conrad
    Directed by Charles Reisner
    Starring Richard Fraser as MIKE KENT
    Also starring Sheila Ryan, Leslie Brooks, Richard Loo, Philip Ahn, Herbert Heyes, James Seay, Lyle Latell, Pat Flaherty, Fred Nurney, Leslie Denison, George Sorel, Selmer Jackson, Dean Riesner, Howard Negley

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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