Mike Danger
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"Come and get it, chumps!"

MIKE DANGER was a rather generic comic book P.I. out of New York who appeared in a short-lived run of so-so private eye tales back in the fifties, in Danger and Adventure, publishd by Charlton.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Mike (besides the fact that he shared a name with another comic book eye of the same name created by Mickey Spillane) was the way the character was introduced to readers. In a short vignette in issue #24 of Danger and Adventure two men are shown good naturedly arguing in New York's Sportsmen's Club over whom has the most exciting profession. The men are Mike Danger, of course, and his companion is -- I kid you not -- some dude named Johnny Adventure, whose business is "big game and expeditions -- anything that offers a thrill."

They banter back and forth, trading tales to prove their point. As a narrative device, it's a tad obvious and corny (and their names even more so), but it's still a nifty idea. If only the stories themselves were up to the concept.

Mike does all the P.I things expected of a character in a comic book aimed at kids of the time. This means he's clean shaven, good looking, tall, broad-shouldered and always wears a suit and tie (but no fedora).Naturally there's not much gun play (at least by Mike, who rarely carries one), no sex, some painfully obvious racial stereotypes, and justice of course triumphs in the end after a certain number of fistfights and car chases. In the course of his cases, he sometimes teams up with his pal Johnny, and he apparently gets around -- in the handful of cases he appears in -- sometimes working in tandem with his pal Johnny -- he works in Cairo, Paris and Instanbul, as well as New York.

Danger and Adventure was itself short-lived. It was a retitled, numerical continuation of This Magazine is Haunted, and only ran for six issues, from February, 1955, #22 to February, 1956, #27. With issue #28, the magazine was again retitled, and became Robin Hood and His Merry Men and Mike and his sometime partner Johnny -- not to mention Ibis The Invincible, two-fisted sailor Lance O'Casey and Nyoka The Jungle Girl.-- were never never heard from again.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Merci to Magnus Sörel for the lead.

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