Sofie Metropolis
Created by Tori Carrington (pseudonym of Lori and Tony Karayianni)

We know where Sofie's coming from...

Her antecedents are obvious. Tori Carrington's popular series featuring spunky girl detective SOFIE METROPOLIS is meant to cash in on a few off-the-chart successes of the last few years: namely, My Big Fat Wedding, chick lit and, of course, Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series.

Sofie is just your typical plucky working class Greek-American gal from Astoria, Queens, full of sass and vinegar. She's a PI-in-training, trying to earn her stripes working low-key cases for her Uncle Spyros's detective agency and, yes, the usual hijinks ensue: "Colourful" family members who don't understand her, lots of hunky men problems, plenty of sexual tension and Look! Here it comes! A slew of double entendres to plow through, a few steamy trysts dolloped out whenever the pace starts to sag, some good-natured ethnic stereotypes, a vividly rendered neighbourhood full of "quirky" characters who also think they know everyone else's business, and just enough sex and violence to keep things popping.

And just in case, the publishers are hedging their bets by trying to hook the cozy crowd as well, including recipes for various Greek delicacies at the end of each book.

Tori Carrington is apparently the nom de plume for Lori and Tony Karayianni, a Greek-American husband-and-wife writing team.


  • "Last Stop, Ditmars" (2008, Queens Noir) ....Buy this book
    Not a Sofie story, per se, this story features Sofie's P.I. uncle Spyros, before she signed on at his agency.


Respectfully (honest!) submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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