Mack Megaton
Created by A. Lee Martinez

Yeah, by all rights MACK MEGATON shouldn't be here. He's really an amateur sleuth.

But you try telling a giant killer robot weighing in at seven hundred and sixteen pounds that he can't play with the other children.

In The Automatic Detective, sci-fi writer A.Lee Martinez's hard-boiled SF romp from 2008, kindly Mack is essentially a self-deprogrammed weapon of mass destruction who'd really rather just drive a cab in the slimeball-infested "technotopia" of Empire City.

But sometimes a machine's just gotta do what a machine's gotta do.

When his neighbors, the Bleakers and their young son Holt, go missing under suspicious circumstances, Mack makes like a hard-boiled dick and sets out to find out what's happened to them.

That's the basic premise. Along the way, Mack must bust Holt out of an impregnable fortress and deal with sinister psychics, evil geniuses, grumpy aliens and angry mutants. fortunately he's got his sidekick, a talking gorilla named Jung, and the the beautiful Lucia Napier, a media star/roboticist, in his corner. And to wrap it up, it's all narrated in typical jaded, smart ass P.I. first-person, making this auspicious series debut one of the cleverest sci-fi/hard-boiled hybrids to come out in the last few years.

The author is evidently a pretty big name in SF/Fantasy/Humour, having written at least three previous books that all tweak the genre. According to Ronald L Weston on Rara Avis, Gil's All Fright Diner, In The Company of Ogres and The Nameless Witch all mix fantasy with a large dash of black humor, reminiscent at times of Glen Cook's Garrett or John Zakour's Zachery Nixon Johnson ..


  • "Eccentric characters, all of whom are clever twists on stereotypes, populate a smart, rocket-fast read with a clever, twisty plot that comes to a satisfying conclusion."
    Publishers Weekly


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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