Bruce Medway
Created by Robert Wilson (1957 --)

"I do jobs for people who don't want to do the jobs themselves."
--Bruce Medway in The Big Killing

BRUCE MEDWAY is a alcohol-soaked British expatriate in West Africa whose turf seems to stretch from Benin to the Ivory Coast. He works as a clandestine troubleshooter, debt collector, go-between, and fixer, specializing in, as Medway puts it, "bits of business, management, organization, negotiations, transactions and debt collection" -- in short, almost anything that will turn a buck.

But he's also a picky bugger at times -- he won't touch anything criminal or domestic. At least, that's his stated intention.

however, in the course of this acclaimed series by Edgar-winning writer Robert Wilson, Medway finds himself immersed in all kinds of often brutal and dangerous adventures, full of are nasty goings on, including toxic waste scams, rebellions, diamond smuggling, civil wars, pornography, and organized crime -- all played against a backdrop of political disruption and endemic official corruption that could suck the hope off a child's face

Violent? Bleak? With its terse, hard-boiled first-person narration, relentless cynicism and hard humour, The Dark Continent has never been darker, worlds away from the tempered sweetness of Alexander McCall Smith's stories about Botswana and Precious Mama Ramotswe.

Robert Wilson is the author of six previous novels, including A Small Death in Lisbon (1999), which won the Gold Dagger Award for Best Crime Novel of the Year from Britain's Crime Writers Association. A graduate of Oxford University, he has lived in Greece and West Africa, and currently lives with his wife in an isolated farmhouse in Portugal.




Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. (December 2003)

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