Jim McNamara
Created by David Hiltbrand

He's with the band.

Private eye JIM McNAMARA is one dude who knows how to specialize -- all his cases so far involve the world of rock'n'roll. A former record company insider himself (before getting booted out for a few alcohol and drug-related problems) turned insurance investigator, this is one dick who's got the experience and the chops to handle himself, in this series of slangy, fast-talking, wise-cracking PBOs, full of name-dropping and pop culture references.

Althlthough based in Connecticut, Jim's slowly becoming the go-to-guy in the rock biz. In his debut, 2004's Killer Solo, he's called in to investigate a roadie's mysterious death in the middle of a controversial tour. In the follow-up, Deader Than Disco(2005), he's hired to work for the defense when a "super-popular diva rocker" is accused of murdering a hot-shot NBA star.

David Hiltbrand was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, the son of a Juilliard-trained pianist. After graduating from Sonoma State University in Northern California, he held a variety of jobs: Boston cabbie, silver miner, Times Square movie theater manager. Eventually he drifted into rock journalism, and has interviewed everyone from Paul McCartney to Metallica's James Hetfield. His work has appeared in People, Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide, and has written for the ABC soap opera "All My Children." He is married and lives in Malvern, PA, and has -- his biography claims -- "three children who listen to nothing but hip hop"

Oh, the agony...


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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