Eddie McMullen
Created by Johanne McAndrew and Elliot Hope

" Double Kofta, extra chilli, extra tahini. Hold the salad, I'm on a diet."

EDDIE McMULLEN is a Liverpool-based PI who appeared in a short-lived BBC series called Nice Guy Eddie.

And by most accounts, Eddie was a nice guy, a good-hearted, fifty-something bloke who just wants everyone to be happy. A bit of a dreamer, he caught an episode of the British P.I. show Hazell way back in 1978 and it's been with him ever since. When he was laid off, he used his severence pay to set himself up as a private eye, finally realizing his long-time dream. Okay, nobody's going to mistake him for Mike Hammer -- he's fat, fifty, and constantly put upon, and his cases are far from glamorous, or even that exciting. In fact, his homelife is probably more fraught with peril than his job -- he lives in a houseful of women that includes his outspoken, ambitious wife Ronnie, his overly protective ex-showgirl Mum, and his three lively daughters, Ange, Becca and Laura.

Not that Eddie's the only male around -- a handsome, young lad pops up claiming to be his son, and Eddie's brother-in-law Lol also occasionally lends a helping hand.

While researching the series the writers even found a real "Nice Guy Eddie" – Liverpool private investigator Tony Smith, who they ended up hiring as a script consultant.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, following a lead by Ray Banks.

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