Frank McKlusky
Created by Dave Sheridan & Mark Perez

"Until you've witnessed your husband explode in front of 5,000 people you don't know shit!"
-- Mom McClusky gets sentimental

There's dumb. And dumber. and dumberer. This has to be the dumberest.

Frank McKlusky, C.I., a painful straight-to-video flick from 2002, not only rips off Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, it even boasts a Jim Carrey ringer who's arguably as annoying as the real deal. To tell the truth, it's embarrassing to include this turkey on the site, but it is -- regrettably -- a P.I. film.

FRANK McKLUSKY is the possibly the world's most inept and clumsy insurance claims investigator in the world.

As a youngster, Frank witnessed his daredevil father (played by Randy Quaid) blow himself upafter a stunt went spectacularly awry. So, with his father left in a apparently permanent "coma-like thing," Frank (and his peculiar brother Daryl) are raised by their over-protective mother (Dolly Parton).

Cut to Frank, at the tender age of twenty-five or so, still living at home, wearing a helmet, padded clothing and elbow and knee pads at all times -- even in bed. Gad, what hilarity!

There is a plot, of sorts, obstensibly concerning Frank trying to nail two slimy shysters who are running a scam, but mostly the story seems to consists of Frank and his new partner, some hot babe, running around, trying to run into as many C-level celebrities making cameos as possible.

Then again, nobody's going to watch this for the plot anyway. They want jokes -- and lots of them, and they don't care how lame, dumb, infantile, gross or tasteless they are. and if the targets are "thehandicapped, gays, fat people, bodily functions, and Scott Baio," so much the better!

And boy oh boy, does this film deliver!

The on-line Cheese Brothers review claim "Hey - it's better than Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls." I think that's intended as a compliment...



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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