Straight From the Author's Mouth

Quinn McKay
Created by Lori Wolf

Is he delusional, obsessive, or a decent man?

The QUINN McKAY mystery series is a hybrid of elements taken from traditional P.I. books, police procedurals, hard-boiled, and cozies. Think of it as New Age pastoral noir.

"He felt like Atlas, with the weight of a man's life, a girl's hopes, a woman's innocence, and a beloved's safety resting on his shoulders." This description applies to ex-cop and ex-private eye Quinn McKay's life.

Seeking refuge from his complicated past, Quinn settles in the city of Ojai, nestled in the southern California valley, between Ventura and Santa Barbara. Haunted by the sins of his father, a convicted child molester; guilt over the accidental shooting of a child during a police chase; and distraught over the end of a relationship with the woman he loves, he hopes the tranquility of Ojai and a new job as a shepherd and handyman for a local guitar maker will bring serenity to his life. Unfortunately, violence follows him wherever he goes.

When we first meet Quinn in Parrot on a Limb (2003), the first in this proposed series, his headstrong girlfriend, Francesca, is off to study in Newfoundland. But he manages to keep himself busy, when he becomes involved in a local missing persons case. Then Francesca disappears. All Quinn really wants to do is head to Canada to search for Francesca, but then body parts start showing up, and almost against his will, he's drawn into the investigation.

Quinn is a character rich with nuance. He is a flawed man, yet decent at heart. His quest for personal peace constantly puts him in harm's way. No matter how hard he tries to reinvent himself and move beyond his former life as a P.I. and a cop, he is called to duty to save the innocent from the dangers of the world.

Lori Wolf is also the author of the novel Gothic Doo-Wop. She has an M.A. in English from California State University, Northridge, and her poetry and short stories have appeared in numerous journals, including Sepia, Blue Unicorn, and Collages and Bricolages. She teaches English at Los Angeles' Pierce College and Moorpark College. Like Quinn, she values peace and quiet, but lives in a city near the Ojai Valley.




Report respectfully submitted by Lori Wolf.

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