Tom McInnes
Created by Mike Stewart

Okay, by trade TOM McINNES is an attorney and isn't really cut out for the rough-and-tumble life of your average detective, private or otherwise. But when push comes to shove, and he has to do the P.I. shuffle, you find out he can be one crafty sonuvabitch. Okay, so he does mouth off a little too much, but he's got more than a few very cute tricks up his sleeves, like cheese grit bombs and anyway, he's got a good (and good-sized) buddy, Joey, ex-cop, ex-FBI, ex-bodyguard, to watch his back.

By all accounts, Tom's essentially just an ordinary guy who does extraordinary things, and that's what I'm told makes these fast-paced thrillers work. And he apparently get Alabama and the Florida Panhandle down cold.



Thanks, Duke.

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