Amos McGuffin

Created by Robert Upton

Mind if we play through?

Hard-drinking, golf-playing San Francisco gumshoe AMOS McGUFFIN at least tries to stay sober while he's working. But he'd rather putt.

While constantly trying to meet the demands of his excitable ex-wife, Marilyn, who has custody of their daughter, Amos' has appeared in five easy-going novels so far, including 1989's The Faberge Egg, a good-natured, purported spoof of Hammett's The Maltese Falcon.

I dunno. I read that one, and while there are a few light call-outs, some of the plot seems familiar enough, and it's an enjoyable enough read over all, I'm still not sure it's much of a spoof. Or homage.

Nonetheless, Amos is an affable enough guy, and Upton's a good enough writer to play a few rounds with.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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